BMW Meaning

BMW Meaning

By Dominick Giammarino
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BMW meaning is something that a lot of people get confused.  People make up a lot of jokes about BMW, the true meaning of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke.  There you go, and if you want it translated into English, then it’s Bavarian Motor Works.  Just so you know, Bavaria is actually in Germany, but BMW did not always make cars.  In 1917 BMW made engines for airplanes.  Right now, BMW makes Rolls-Royce, and is headquartered in Munich, which is the capital of Bavaria.  Now you have the BMW Meaning you can show off your knowledge to others.  As you can probably tell from below, there are many different ways to tell people what BMW means, I have a page on BMW jokes and BMW slang as well as BMW meaning in text.  I suggest you all take time to submit to me your favorite meanings of BMW that you came up with.  If they are good, I promise to post them.

BMW Meaning – In Text

Be my wife seems to be one of the most popular texts that men send to women, it’s really funny and I’m quite surprised that I never came up with it myself first.  Some people might say it means big money wasted or bought my wife.  So what exactly does BMW mean? Remember that BMW is an acronym, an abbreviation or it can be a slang word that is explained where the BMW definition is given.  Ever heard bring my wallet, or broke my wallet, that’s what you say when you are at the BMW car dealer.  Here is another funny one I heard, bring money with you, you hear that from old timers.  What about beautiful masterpieces on wheels.  Business Money and Women is common on Wall Street.  Don’t forget Mercedes-Benz because they are part of BMW.

BMW Meaning – Slang

Bavarian Marriage Wrecker is a great funny type of slang for BMW.  Here in Arizona beautiful Mexican woman is commonly heard.  In Maine, the women are so big that you might here big Maine woman, that’s very funny whether you want to believe it or not.  For people who complain, bitch moan wine is the other one that I think of.  If you see a really nice woman with a really messed up body, like a beautiful face but a 48 inch waist, you can call her body made wrong.  Now that one, I have never used before, mainly because I love all women, but unfortunately, some of you will now use that one, oh no, what have I done?  Remember this one, brings me women, this is something the police like to use, don’t ask me why I know that, but I do.

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